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Securing your investment data on the Majestic portal

Protecting your investments and data is top most priority for us at the Majestic investment group. 

Some investors are new to this journey and many of you have been with Majestic for over multiple years and have multi-million-dollar diversified portfolio build. 

Below are some critical security action steps to take on the Majestic portal ensuring your investment data is protected. 

  1. Log into the Majestic investor portal
  2. click on account link on the left menu
  3. create strong password 
  4. enable multi-factor authentication 
Tips for creating strong passwords

 It’s a hassle to remember complicated password, but that is the point of making things complicated and hard for an intruder. There are password managers tools like last pass, 1password, Google’s password manager, Apple’s iCloud keychain etc.  

A strong password is one that's easy for you to remember but difficult...

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Oil and Gas Drilling: Majestic Tax deductions against Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

Note: Following blog article is for educational purposes only, this is NOT to be considered as TAX, LEGAL, FINANCIAL advice. Please consult CPA, Tax, Legal, and Financial professionals for details of your specific tax and investing situation. 

There are many reasons why qualified investors choose to take advantage of joint venture oil and gas exploration opportunities, but one of the most compelling reasons is the tax benefits that are afforded by this unique investment opportunity. In fact, when it comes to tax-advantaged investments for wealthy or sophisticated investors, oil and gas commodities stand alone.

Domestic energy production in the United States comes with a large number of attractive tax incentives which, separately or together, complement any tax-advantaged investment strategy. Majestic can help you take advantage of these tax benefits to build wealth, protect your portfolio, and reduce your overall tax liabilities.

Most notably, there are no income or net...

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Tax Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Investors: 1031 Exchanges & Opportunity Zones

Note: Majestic Investment Group does not provide any financial, legal or tax advice. Each individual scenario is different, please consult a professionals, lawyers, CPA, or other advisors to decide which vehicle is the best choice for your circumstances.

Qualified Opportunity Zone vs. 1031 Exchange: Which is better?

Whether selling stocks, real estate, or a business, capital gain taxes is a looming concern for many investors. This blog discusses two ways the US Tax code provides to avoid or eliminate the capital gain taxes legally, i.e., Opportunity Zone and 1031 Exchange.

Section 1031 exchanges, also known as like-kind exchanges, have been used by Real Estate investors for many years to swap real estate assets without causing taxable profits. Now, the latest Qualified Opportunity Zone program offers yet another option for deferring and eliminating such taxable gains that can be applied on real estate, stocks, and business sale capital gains.

Both Opportunity...

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Why Invest in Senior Living?

  • Strong Demographics & Characteristics

    • The wave of Baby Boomers is nearing the largest in us  history and the wave’s steepest  slope will be from 2022 to 2032. we ensure in each location that there is right demographics to fill our communities.

  • Income/Net Worth Requirements

    • Not only do we check for an aging demographic, we also look for a higher than average income and net worth requirements in our residents to ensure they can afford our communities. We ensure a resident has at least two years of rent prior to them moving in.

  • Supply and Demand

    • The wave drives the  annual senior living unit  demand forecast to rise  from 25,000 units now to  near 100,000 units by 2025 - 2030. In each location we only build 8-10% of needed beds to ensure occupancy.

  • Competitive and Future Plan Communities

    • There are many Assisted Living and Memory Care companies out there so we are always researching what they are doing to ensure we are...

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How Foreign Investors Can Participate in an US-based Majestic Real Estate Syndication?

Majestic investment group has grown tremendously with investor referrals. Currently, investors part of Majestic investment group comprises of investors coming in from USA, Canada, India and Germany :) we are going global!!! 

Please consult your own CPA, Tax, Legal, Financial advisors before making decisions as each investor’s situation needs to be evaluated based on their personal circumstances and international laws can vary widely. Below is a suggested way there might be a better customized way for others and it is not financial, tax or legal advice.

Below, I have outlined a general guide for participating in US-based real estate private equity investing for international (non-USA) investors.

  1. Incorporate US-based LLC / Corporation. Wyoming state offers privacy for LLC vs some other states. 
  2. Apply for EIN (Employer Identification Number) and Register the LLC with Various Required Agencies
  3. Execute an Operating...
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Coronavirus and Market Volatility

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

Coronavirus commentary 

I am not a medical expert nor a financial advisor, however, the chaos caused by the invisible enemy: covid-19 is unprecedented. I plan to share my thoughts and resources for investors to be aware and possibly educate themselves of any upcoming opportunities. Fortunes could potentially be made during recessions by buying right. 


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Breaking down of TAX concepts

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2020

Below explanation is just for sake of education and to understand concepts, it should NOT be considered as tax or financial advise. Please consult your personal CPA and tax advisor as each persons income and tax situation is unique. Tax laws are rules can change totally or be amended therefore its a must to work with qualified professional to implement any of these tax strategies. Article written and published on Jan 17, 2020

Plenty of professionals (Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners) living in Silicon Valley, CA and other locations make very high income, and they feel they have made it in America. However, some high net worth individuals never take time to reflect on the fact where is money is going out.

If one adds up all the taxes, income, property, sales, capital gains, short term gain etc very quickly the realization hits home that close to 35% to 50% of annual gross income may be going out of the door. 

During the pursuit of...

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Why Real Estate is great investment?

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2019


Reading the above quote was an AHA moment. 

The vast majority of people spend their lives working full-time jobs to earn a “steady” paycheck. Meanwhile, the wealthy have somehow unlocked the secret to working less while making their money work for them. So what is it that the wealthy know that the rest of us don’t? 
One of the biggest secrets that the wealthy tap into is the incredible power of real estate. Real estate has the ability to generate passive income and provide a path toward building wealth. 
Every dollar invested in real estate works for you in these five star ways:
  • Cash flow
  • Leverage
  • Equity
  • Appreciation 
  • Tax benefits
Let’s look at these a little more …
Cash Flow 
The greatest benefit of investing in real estate is passive cash flow. When an asset is purchased and rent is collected from tenants, the remaining value after property expenses are paid is your cash flow. If you put down $50,000 to...
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Investing 101

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019
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