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Gaurav Kumkar 

Founder & CEO

Majestic Investment Group

Gaurav Kumkar is top-notch technologist with experience in technology companies in Silicon Valley, from early-stage startups to large enterprises. 
In 2004, Gaurav received a Master of Science in Information Technology—Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and in 2002, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India. He holds certifications in “Tackling the Challenges of Big Data” from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and “AWS Architecting for High Availability” from Amazon Web Services.
After bunch of investing trials and tribulations with volatility in the stock market, crypto - bitcoin, and single family rentals, the discovery of commercial real estate investing was made.
Multifamily asset class gave economies of scale, dependable passive cashflow and golden opportunity to build long term win-win relationship with investors!
This was the birth of Majestic Investment Group - a boutique private equity firm providing curated investment opportunities for busy professionals.

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Majestic Investment Group has its headquaters in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the birthplace of amazing technology start up companies. Majestic Investment Group is proud to bring alternative investment opportunities viz. Commercial Real Estate Investing, Multifamily etc with tremendous benefits like cash flow and tax advantages to high net worth investors!



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